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Contemporary Jewellery

richard serra

Tribute to Richard Serra collection

While researching the North American contemporary artista Richard Serra, Lisi was faced with Serra’s verbs list. The artist refers to these as "actions to relate to oneself, material, place and process". The actions, done repeatedly, aid in a better understanding when it comes to the physical properties of each material used in the artwork and end up determining the shape and aesthetic of the actual work. 

secon chance

Second Chance


This collection, conclusion of Lisi's BFA, demonstrates a reconciliation between the artist's previous and current professional activities. The medical instrument here, surgical forceps, previously associated with grief, sadness and pain is given a new interpretation. The cutting, invasive and cold object has received a new outfit. It has assumed a new function, one of an ornament for the body...  A light and beautiful object. 




In this collection, the artist deals with the wounds we carry in life. Some are irremediable, irreparable, will be with us forever, even if they are inexistent in the eyes of others. Others we try to disguise or conceal with artifices. There are those that emerge from our own choices, be them from common sense or bad judment. Maybe something wiser would be to look for beauty in the ugliness.



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